After-sale Service

After sales service center

First of all, thank you for your trust and support to our company. In order to provide you with better after-sales service and protect your rights and interests, please read the following service policies carefully:

1. Online services

Online services can provide you with voice, video, online updates and other forms of remote assistance to help you solve problems in the shortest time.

2. Hotline

The customer service department of the company's headquarters has an after-sales service hotline. If you have any questions about the products you are using, you can consult.

Hotline: 010-88797100

After sales Telephone: MR.Yang  18901200175 (wechat synchronization) ,MR.Yong 18901200176 (wechat synchronization)

3. Product warranty

You can enjoy no less than the warranty period stipulated by the national Three Guarantees: within the warranty period, provide users with free services; Outside the warranty period, provide paid services for users according to the unified charging standard; The free warranty period of various products is 12 months from the date of delivery.

If the product within the warranty period specified in the three guarantees fails, the user must handle the warranty with the purchase certificate and product warranty card. The number of the repaired product must be consistent with the product number on the warranty card. If there is no purchase certificate and warranty card, the warranty period shall be calculated based on the factory record of the product number. If there are neither, the user can not enjoy free service and can provide paid service for the user, The maintenance fee and parts fee shall be charged to users according to the unified charging standard.

In addition to the above circumstances, those under one of the following circumstances do not enjoy free warranty services, but can provide paid services:

A: The user causes damage due to improper use, maintenance and storage;

B: Damage caused by force majeure such as natural disasters;

C: Dismantling, refitting and repairing without permission, resulting in damage;

Warm tips: important parts inside the product have identification codes, which are an important basis for product quality management and product after-sales service. Please keep them complete so as not to bring trouble to your product maintenance and damage your interests; The importance of product number and product part identification code is like the product "ID card". Please pay full attention to it so as not to affect your right to obtain free warranty.

The warranty covers the following products produced by the company:

A: CNC system; B: Height controller; C: Driver and motor D: nesting software;

E: Other products produced by the company

For services not within the warranty period and not within the warranty scope, you can choose the following methods:

A: Internet or telephone service: Free

B: Send parts (replace under our guidance): service fee = cost of replaced parts

C: Return to the company: service fee = replaced parts fee + repair fee

D: Door to door service: service cost = cost of replaced parts + repair cost + travel expenses

E: Other methods: mutual agreement

The transportation cost shall be borne by the user.

Warm tip: the company can provide various forms of "paid replacement of the whole machine" service. You can choose this service according to the maintenance cycle and cost, so as to win valuable time for you at a small cost.

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The company promises that the company will be responsible for the after-sales work of the products issued. Please rest assured and thank you for your support to Beijing StarFire.