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Adjustment method of pulse equivalent or electronic gear

Release time:2018-12-27

Abstract:Pulse equivalent or Electronic gear

1. What is pulse equivalent or electronic gear

Pulse equivalent is a key parameter for the control accuracy of CNC system. The displacement of moving parts of each pulse signal machine tool is called pulse equivalent. The relationship with electronic gear is: numerator / denominator ratio of electronic gear - pulse equivalent x 1000, unit: mm.

Example: the system pulse equivalent is 0.008mm, and its numerator / denominator of electronic gear = 8 / 1.

2. When to adjust the pulse equivalent or electronic gear

A. machine tool installation and commissioning or system replacement;

B. replace the DOM;

C. the machining accuracy is not enough during the operation of the machine tool;

D. after parameter initialization.

3. How to adjust pulse equivalent or electronic gear

Electronic gear ratio = lead screw pitch × 1000/(360 × Fine fraction / step angle × Transmission ratio).

! In order to facilitate production site adjustment, the following simple methods can be used:

A.rough set an electronic gear ratio, set it according to the parameters in the main interface of the system, select the machine tool parameters after entering, set the electronic gear value to 8:1, and press store (press F1 if there is no store button)

B. press F1 in the main interface of the system to enter the automatic mode, select F8 manual assistance, select jog, and enter the jog increment of 1000

C. mark the current position on the track of the machine tool, and then press the arrow to make the machine tool walk a jog increment away from the mark;

D. measure the actual walking distance on the track;

E. is calculated by the following formula

Numerator / denominator = [old pulse equivalent] x [actual distance traveled] / [distance that should be traveled]

The above formula can be reduced to the simplest fraction.

E.g. the electronic gear ratio is initially set, e.g. 8:1, jog 1000mm, and actually walk 650mm

Numerator / denominator = 8x650 / 1x1000 = 26 / 5

Fill the calculation results into the parameters and save them.